The Packers QB is going to deprive himself of all light and sensory distractions for four days before deciding his next steps.
"I delete a lot of things on my Instagram," Irving said of erasing the apology for sharing a video filled with conspiracy theories and antisemitic falsehoods.
Donna Kelce's sons are playing against each other in the Super Bowl but she gave them both some love during the media night.
The Philadelphia cornerback was asked a random geography question and his answer got Twitter talking.
The ESPN personalities clashed big-time in an on-air verbal tussle described as "beautifully awkward TV."
"I'm getting de-cleated," Hill said of the hit by Ramsey in the first "non-contact" Pro Bowl ever.
All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving is being traded by the Brooklyn Nets.
The running back was charged with aggravated menacing for the alleged gun threat.
The NFL has warned clubs that inappropriate questions will result in the loss of a draft pick and a fine.
Kylie Kelce is taking no chances after last year's Super Bowl in which a player's wife had to leave the game to deliver their child.