Strawberry Liqueur

What would life be without an occasional strawberry Daiquiri? Very dull if you ask us. Strawberry liqueur is a must-have for any budding mixologist, because it can wriggle its way into any cocktail and usually make it better. Don’t believe us? Try a Strawberry Margarita, a Strawberry Mojito, Strawberry Martini, or any other cocktail you’re eager to put a twist on. It’s also a great after-lunch drink to enjoy chilled on the terrace and a not-too-shabby addition to cake glazes that will have everyone asking for the recipe.

Our selection of Strawberry Liqueurs is as varied as their uses. The likes of the rum-based Bols are traditional, rich, but not too sweet, while Sourz Strawberry Liqueur originally started off as a zingy shot – but that doesn’t mean it won’t put a mean spin on your Margaritas. Buy from our Strawberry Liqueur collection online and have your new favourites delivered to your doorstep.

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