Political pressures and changing weather could hamper the humanitarian efforts.
The official said injuries and fatalities linked to severe earthquakes often rise “significantly” in the week after the disaster.
Here is an ongoing list of countries dispatching aid, personnel and equipment to help rescue efforts after a quake killed thousands in the region.
Dramatic video from Turkey & Syria shows the moments two deadly earthquakes hit & the race against time to rescue survivors trapped in the rubble.
Authorities feared the death toll would keep climbing as rescuers looked for survivors among tangles of metal and concrete spread across the region.
Police arrested a Syrian woman suspected of links to militants who Turkey accuses of bombing a bustling pedestrian avenue in Istanbul that killed six.
British graffiti artist Banksy is bringing attention to the situation in Syria by recreating his iconic balloon girl in a video ending with the hashtag #withsyria.
The conflict remains “very active” across the country despite a “strategic stalemate, a U.N. special envoy said.
"I felt myself dancing on the line between my role as a filmmaker, wanting to capture her real life, and my responsibility as a human being, wanting to help her."
After fleeing war in their home country, Syrian children now have limited access to education in refugee camps.