There’s only so far you can get with high quality spirits and fresh fruit – sweet components like syrups add depth to dull cocktails and connect the flavours to work together as a coherent whole. This is why there’s a big rack of high-quality syrups in every superstar mixologist’s workstation. A good syrup is usually also what saves you from making cocktails overly alcoholic. Simply adding more flavoured liqueurs to get the desired taste notes will often make your cocktails taste too boozy, but replace them with a syrup and you can build a great flavour profile easily.

Our Syrup range consists of some of the world’s most famous brands like Monin, whose syrups come in almost every flavour imaginable – like sugar cane, pomegranate, and cinnamon. We also have a delightful small-batch grenadine from Jack Rudy and a few Finest Call classics. Shop our online Syrup range today and build a bar you’ll be proud of. Oh, and they all work great to jazz up your coffee too!

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