Tennessee Whiskey

Made in Tennessee and only in Tennessee. That’s the requirement for making Tennessee whiskey, a fact known by many thanks to the famous Jack Daniel’s ads. The style has a distinctive mellow character that comes from a charcoal filtering process. This separates it from bourbon, which tends to be a lot more robust. Tennessee’s biggest whiskey star and their memorable advertising are synonymous with this style of whiskey, but Jack Daniels is far from the only producer in the state, with the likes of George Dickel also making a brilliant drop.

Thanks to the ever-booming popularity of Jack Daniel’s, Tennessee whiskey is popular all over the world. Ingrained in cocktail folklore, Jack & Coke is its own thing, as is the famous Lynchburg lemonade, but Tennessee whiskey is versatile and the possibilities are endless. So stick to the classics and buy a bottle of standard Jack below, or upgrade to the Gentleman’s Jack to experience the sophisticated, sipping side of this world famous whiskey style.

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