The Duppy Share

It’s a catchy name, isn’t it? “Duppy Share”. But what does it mean? And why should I buy a bottle? Excellent questions, my friend. Let’s take a look. Now, rum is made a lot like whisky. After distillation, they’re both aged in oak barrels. Oak barrels are essential, but they aren’t airtight, meaning that a small portion of the precious liquid evaporates over time. Distillers are a folkloric bunch by nature, and in the whisky world, this evaporated whisky is known as “The Angel’s Share”. In Jamaica, legend states that it’s fun-loving, mischievous “Duppies”, or island spirits, who help themselves to the evaporated rum, hence “The Duppy Share”.

Duppies embody the Caribbean spirit of generosity and seek to spread friendship, good times, and warm vibrations wherever they go. It’s all about spreading joy and enjoying life to the fullest. So grab a bottle from our online shop today and get into the island spirit.

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