The Famous Grouse

The Famous Grouse has been Scotland’s favourite blended whisky for over 40 years. In their own words, Famous Grouse stands for ‘Quality in an Age of Change’. Perfectly balanced, smooth, blended Scotch whisky is par for the course whenever you buy The Famous Grouse. Originally dubbed The Grouse when things first began back in 1896, founder Mathew Gloag named the whiskey not after himself, but after that most curious bird, the grouse, which roams wild in the Scottish Highlands. Matthew may be responsible for the whisky itself, but it was his daughter Phillipa who illustrated the first ever grouse to appear on the label. Her contribution today is still honoured as The Woman Behind The Wings.

The brand’s fame grew with time, and so to mark this success, in 1905, The Grouse became The Famous Grouse. A fitting name. The Master Blender safeguards that legacy to this day, creating the best quality blended whisky possible from the heathery depths of Perthshire, Scotland, home of the Grouse.

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