TIkTok's Jalapeño Rosé Recipe

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TIkTok's Jalapeño Rosé Recipe

Spice up your wine game with the latest TikTok sensation: Jalapeño Rosé! This trend has taken the social media platform by storm, offering an unexpected twist to your usual glass of rosé. The unique combination of spicy jalapeño and crisp, refreshing rosé brings a whole new level of excitement to your palate. It's an adventure in a glass, giving traditional rosé a feisty kick. Whether you're hosting a summer BBQ or a casual get-together, this modern concoction promises to be a conversation starter. Trust us, you'll want to give this daring duo a try!

Prep time: 1 Minutes

Nutrition: 180 Calories

Servings: 1


  • Rosé wine
  • Jalapeño slices


  1. Pour your chilled Rosé wine into a wine glass.
  2. Add your Jalapeño slices and enjoy. It's that simple!

Category: Drinks | Cuisine: Cocktails