#TikTokTested, The Bottle Club Approved: Pairings for Board Night!

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#TikTokTested, The Bottle Club Approved: Pairings for Board Night!

Charcuterie boards are no longer just about meat and cheese. They're popping up everywhere on TikTok, sweeping the world with their aesthetic appeal and mouthwatering offerings. And why not? With their striking displays, creative themes, and limitless possibilities, these tasty arrangements have become the ultimate star of every at-home hangout. They're hip, they're fun, and boy, are they a feast for the senses! But as our TikTok feed fills up with these tantalizing works of art, we can't help but notice one thing that could turn the fabulous into the phenomenal: the perfect beverage to go with it.

Enter The Bottle Club's ultimate guide to charcuterie board and drink pairings. Here, we elevate the humble charcuterie board from simple snack to full-blown gastronomic experience. Picture this: your favourite people gathered around, eyes wide and forks ready, as you reveal not only a stunning charcuterie board but also the perfectly matched drinks to elevate every bite.

Get ready to rock your next gathering and see your TikTok notifications blow up because, in the world of charcuterie, we're moving past just delicious - it's time for the absolutely unforgettable. Let's dive into these epic pairing suggestions, each one designed to thrill the taste buds and make your next #CharcuterieChallenge the talk of TikTok town!


You've got your cured meats and cheeses lined up, now meet their new best friends. The Norton Porteno Malbec is here to spice up the party with its peppery punch and fruity vibes. But hey, if you're feeling a chill white wine moment, the Louis Jadot Chablis is your plus one. Its fresh, zesty character makes it the life of the cheese party.

No more guilty pleasures - it's time to glam up your greasy goodness. Sip on Bollinger Brut Special Cuvee Champagne and get ready for a taste explosion of pear, brioche, and walnut. Or, you can pair your nugs and fries with the Walt Riesling 2020, it's like a cool breeze on a hot summer's day. Peachy, stoney, and absolutely yummy.

Wake up and smell the...wine? That's right, our Chapel Down English Rose 2022 is about to turn your mornings rosy. Its strawberry and cream notes are all about those breakfast-in-bed vibes. But wait, there's more! The Mahi Pinot Noir with its dark cherries and plums is here to Berry up your breakfast!

Sushi time? Let's roll with the Barbadillo Oloroso Full Dry Sherry. Its rich texture and toffee finish is like that perfect wasabi kick! If you prefer something red, the Domaine des Marrans Fleurie 2018 with its red robe and floral notes will make your sushi shine.

For the sea-foodies out there, get your taste buds ready. The Glenmorangie Original 10 Year Old Whisky is smooth, floral, and waiting to dive into that salmon. Or, crack open those oysters with the sweetly textured Talisker Skye Whisky.


Chocoholics, brace yourselves. The Glenmorangie Signet Whisky with its velvet-like chocolate and roast mocha coffee vibes, is a choco-dream come true. If you're feeling a bit 'cognac-y', the Remy Martin VSOP Cognac and its notes of vanilla and ripe apricot are about to sweeten your day.

So, TikTok fam, it's time to make those charcuterie boards even more drool-worthy. Let's see you ace these pairings, and don't forget to tag us in your videos! Let the fun begin! Cheers!