Tonic Wine

Tonic Wine is a term synonymous with Buckfast, the famous caffeinated Tonic Wine made in Devon by Benedictine monks. While Bucky isn’t the only Tonic Wine on the market, it’s certainly a good place to start when you want to give this often misunderstood beverage a go. Our Tonic Wine range offers a variety of brands and styles that are all available to buy online and enjoy in good company.

To first make tonic wine, way back in the 1880’s, some adventurous monks added herbs and flavour extracts to strong red wine. The concoction was a hti, soon spreading all over the United Kingdom. Like many other herb-infused drinks, it was initially promoted as an invigorating, health-restoring potion. That reputation didn’t last long, however, and Tonic Wine has become a well-known party drink. Today’s Tonic Wines usually contain caffeine, which explains the ‘invigorating’ part of their enduring appeal. Curious? Start with classic Buckfast or a pack of Magnum Tonic Wine.

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