Triple Sec

Imagine aromatic, sun-dried oranges macerated in alcohol, then treated to a meticulous three-step distillation. The end result; Triple Sec. The famous liqueur is then bottled and shipped to bars and fans all around the world. Triple Sec means nothing more than ‘thrice distilled’ in French – even though we think the oranges should get a special mention. If you’ve ever fancied yourself a mixologist, chances are that you’re more than familiar with deep orangey-flavour. It’s a key element in classic cocktails like Cosmopolitan, Long Island Iced Tea, the many variations of Corpse and Cadaver Revivers, Sidecar, and a fair number of Margarita recipes.

A bottle of Triple Sec belongs behind every well-stocked bar. Our selection includes the Bols Curaçao Triple Sec, a classic and potent flavour from one of the oldest spirit brands in the world. Grab a bottle whether you need one for the weekend or whenever – our research shows that opportunities for good cocktails tend to come up more often than you think. Shop the range online now.

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