UK’s Best Cities for Bottomless Brunching, Ranked

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UK’s Best Cities for Bottomless Brunching, Ranked

The Best of the Brunch: The Search for the UK’s Best City for Brunching Brits 

There’s a lot to be said for a good brunch spot - and even more to be said about a great bottomless brunch spot. It is safe to say, boozy or otherwise, we’re all more than excited to be back booking brunch with friends and family we haven’t seen for the ultimate catch up. 

That’s why the brunch fans here at The Bottle Club have crunched the numbers to reveal where in the UK offers the best options for brunch - and moreover, bottomless brunch. 

Grab a G&T and tuck into the Great British Bunch Index. 

The main index below shows each city overall ranking for brunch based on a variety of different factors;

  1. % of overall restaurants in the city that offer brunch 
  2. % spots with vegan options available
  3. % spots with vegetarian options available
  4. % spots with gluten-free options available
  5. % spots with halal options available
  6. % spots accessible/ wheelchair friendly
  7. % spots with outdoor seating available
  8. % spots that are dog-friendly 
  9. % spots offering live music 

What more could you want? Here you can see the overall rankings when scored on the factors above:

Cardiff is the best of the brunch. The Welsh capital scored highly when it came to accessible venues and catering for a wide range of dietary requirements, such as vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options. You might want to think twice about bringing your dog though, with only 1.7% of the city’s brunch-serving spots would welcome your furry friend. 

Nottingham and Bristol were hot on Cardiff’s heel, scoring too marks for dietary requirements, accessibility and outdoor seating. Pretty handy considering the new government guidelines allow outdoor seating fresco brunch in the sun anyone?

Though all of these individual factors were included to create the overall ranking, the team have also delved into the data to find out which city scores best for each amenity - whether you’re looking for the city with the most vegan brunch options, or the location with the most dog-friendly brunch spots, the map below has you covered whatever your needs or preferences: 

Bristol is the best city if you’re looking for a variety of vegan brunch spots, it’s also the top city for accessible locations.  Southampton, however, was in the Pizzatop spot for having the most brunch locations, outside seating, and live music. 

Edinburgh has the most dog-friendly brunch hotspots if you don’t want your pooch to miss out on the midday fun, it also has the most vegetarian options. 

The index shows us the best cities for brunch around the UK but, being the boozy bunch we are, our team also wanted to know where to find the best bottomless brunch spots in each city.

We Bring You The Best-Rated Independent Bottomless Brunch Spots Around the UK

We weren’t going to leave you without making some recommendations, were we? We looked at 10 of the most highly-rated, bottomless brunch (BB) spots in each of our listed cities, scoring them out of 100 on the following factors:

1 Number of 5* Reviews 

2 Price

3 Outdoor seating availability

4 How long you can drink for

5 How many drinks are on the BB menu

6 How many dishes are on the BB menu

7 Instagram-able 

8 Live music offered

9 Dog-Friendly

10 (is it truly) Bottomless

So without further adieu, these are the top scoring independent bottomless brunch spots, in each city from the index, across the UK;

Cardiff: Brewhouse, Sophia Close

 Credit - @brewhousecdf (Instagram)

Cardiff scored the top spot on our ‘Best of the Brunch’ index, but which restaurant is best for a boozy, bottomless brunch? Brewhouse, a bar, restaurant and music venue scored 66 out of 100 - and it’s probably all down to their bottomless pizza deal. 

For £25, every weekend, you can spend your afternoon enjoying unlimited pizza, and free-flowing drinks including; sol, coors, aperol spritz, pink G&T, prosecco and pornstar martinis. bottomless pizza and booze? We’re in.

Nottingham: The Pudding Pantry, Trinity Square

Credit - @thepuddingpantry (Instagram)

Nottingham placed second in the brunch index, and The Pudding Pantry - located in Trinity Square, is the best spot if you fancy a bottomless brunch! Scoring 70 out of 100, The Pudding Pantry scored high for Instagram-ability, drink and dish variety. 

For £29.95, you can select two dishes - one from their brunch and one from their pudding menu, accompanied by bottomless Vodka Passions, Fruity Gins or a choice of wine, including prosecco vetrino or pleno tempranillo.

Bristol: Aluna, Old City

Credit - @alunauk (Instagram)

Bristol was third on the Brunch index and topped the ranking for best vegan and accessibility options. Aluna, which also has a location in Birmingham, topped the list for its Instagramability, scoring 62 out of 100.

Aluna offers a bottomless brunch, starting from £24.50 Friday through to Sunday, you can choose a main and a dessert whilst enjoying bottomless prosecco, or for a little extra - bottomless pornstar martinis or ‘bubbletinis’. 

Edinburgh: Rabble, Frederick Street

Credit - @rabble_edinburgh (Instagram)

Unfortunately in Scotland, you won’t find many ‘bottomless brunches’ due to local legislation, but when restrictions finally lift,  you’ll find plenty of ‘boozy’ ones! 

Rabble topped the list as Edinburgh’s most popular independent spot for a boozy brunch, scoring 52 out of 100.

For £30, you can choose a delicious breakfast dish paired with a variety of continental breakfast items - topped off with unlimited prosecco or frosé

Southampton: XOXO, Bedford Place


Credit - @XOXO_brunchandcocktails (Instagram)

XOXO is a popular restaurant in Southampton’s iconic Bedford Place, becoming a favourite amongst residents and students alike since it opened a couple of years ago. Scoring 58 out of 100, XOXO scored high on both drink and dish variety. 

For £29.95, you can take your pick of any breakfast, brunch or their ‘open sandwiches’ and enjoy unlimited a range of unlimited alcohol including prosecco, beers, cocktails and even frozé (frozen rosé). 

Glasgow: The Social, Royal Exchange Square


Credit - @thesocialglasgow (Instagram)

Based in Royal Exchange Square, The Social scored 66 out of 100 - giving it the top spot. Scoring high for instagram-ability, this aesthetically pleasing spot is perfect for a quick brunch stop off. 

If you stop by on a Sunday, for £14.95 you can enjoy any of their ‘Social Bennys’ (a toasted English muffin with a filling of your choice), a sample of their blueberry french toast and either a mimosa or prosecco bellini pop. 

Liverpool: Ma Boyle’s Alehouse and Eatery, Tower Gardens

Credit - @ma_boyles_alehouse_and_eatery (Instagram)

Scoring 69 out of 100, Ma Boyle’s Alehouse and Eatery, is the best boozy brunch spot in Liverpool - the bar, well known in the city, offers bottomless brunch every day for only £30, you get a brunch dish of your choice and plenty of drinks choice.

It’s also worth mentioning that The Florist, based on Hardman Street - tied with Ma Boyle’s in our rankings. The Florist was the top scorer for Instagram-ability, making it the perfect spot for a boozy afternoon catch up with the girls. 

Brighton: SIX, Western Road

Credit - @sixbrighton (Instagram)

SIX hasn’t been around Brighton for long but is already making waves - scoring 74 out of 100. If you find yourself there over the weekend, for an extra £20 on top of any of their luxurious brunch dish, you can enjoy bottomless prosecco - including complimentary options of Mimosas, Hugos and prosecco paired with Creme de Casis. 

Leeds: Sky Lounge, Holbeck

Credit - @skylounge__leeds (Instagram)

Leeds saw Sky Lounge top the list for the best boozy brunch in the Yorkshire city. Scoring 81 out of 100 - the Granary Wharf bar takes dinner (well, brunch) with a view literally. Enjoy a boozy, bottomless brunch for 90 minutes whilst looking out at the dreamy Leeds skyline. 

Manchester: Fress, Northern Quarter

Credit - @fressrestaurant (Instagram)

Hailed as the Soho of the North, it’s no wonder that Manchester’s Northern Quarter has plenty of boozy, bottomless brunches. Scoring 63 out of 100, Fress is a family-run restaurant in the heart of the Northern Quarter. 

Every day they offer a bottomless brunch for an extra £15 on top of any of their brunch dishes, take your pick from a flavour-packed full English breakfast to French toast and wash it down with unlimited prosecco, mimosas, house wine and house lager 

Newcastle: St Vincent, Quayside

Credit - @saintvincentncl (Instagram)

St Vincent, a popular wine bar and cafe in the city centre scored 55 out of 100, scoring especially high on dish variety - with over 40 options on their extensive brunch menu. 

The bar offers a delicious boozy brunch every Sunday, for two hours you can enjoy bottomless bloody marys, prosecco, mimosa or bellinis for an extra £20 atop any brunch dish

Sheffield: Cubana, Leopold Street

Credit - @leopold_square (Instagram)

Tapas bar Cubana, based on Leopold Street, scored a huge 70 out of 100 - scoring especially high on dish variety...who’s surprised? They are a Tapas restaurant, and that’s why their bottomless brunch is so great. 

Offering a Cuban-inspired bottomless brunch, from £28.50 per person, you can enjoy bottomless prosecco, mimosas, bellinis and aperol spritz with an appetiser, and two choices of hot or cold Tapas dishes. 

Leicester: Winstanley House, Braunstone Park


Credit - @blackironleic (Instagram)

Winstanley House is well known in Leicester for its luxurious hotel rooms and dining experiences, their bottomless brunch is no exception. Scoring 54 out of 100, Winstanley House scored high on affordability and Trip Advisor review score. 

For £30, you can spend an hour relaxing with one of Winstanley Houses’ full English breakfasts with bottomless prosecco and selected beers. 

Birmingham: Gas Street Social, Ladywood

 Credit - @gasstsocial (Instagram) 

Gas Street Social scored a huge 76 out of 100, and who’s surprised? Not us. The bar ranked highly for Instagram-ability, affordability and dish variety! For an additional £19.50 on top of any brunch item (and trust us, there’s a lot to choose from) you can enjoy unlimited bellinis, mimosas, bloody marys and beers

London, Big Easy B.Q & Lobstershack, Covent Garden

 Credit - @bigeasylondon (Instagram)

We can’t lie, we’re a little surprised that London came last in our Best of the Brunch index - however, that doesn’t mean there’s any shortage of brunch hotspots! 

The capital city’s top spot is Big Easy Bar B.Q & Lobstershack, the name’s a bit of a mouthful and so is their bottomless brunch! Scoring 79 out of 100, The U.S inspired restaurant offers a boozy brunch for £29.50 and it includes bottomless prosecco, wine or frozen Mojitos alongside a choice of huge dishes. 

So there you have it - the ultimate guide for brunch-loving Brits. 


Sources and Methodology

Best of the Brunch Index

Data was collected using TripAdvisor and its optional filters. We first filtered restaurants in ‘X’ location by ‘Brunch’, then toggled the available filters such as various dietary requirements and restaurant features. 

Percentages were worked out by taking the number of restaurants under the specific filter, and the overall number of restaurants offering brunch in that particular city.

Best Bottomless Brunch Locations

Data was collected primarily via desk research, using a combination of TripAdvisor, Google Maps, various seed lists and the websites of mentioned restaurants. 

For every city, 10 of the most highly-rated bottomless brunch spots were found - we then scored them on a variety of factors to crown the best bottomless brunch spot in each city.