The most important thing to remember about Vermouth is that it’s not a spirit, but a fortified wine. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s learn some more Vermouth facts that will serve as great conversation starters and deepen the enjoyment of the tipple.

The first mentions of a Vermouth-like drink can be found in Ancient Greece, where even Hippocrates wrote about macerating wine with wormwood and other spices. Modern Vermouth however, was created in 1786 in Italy by brothers Antonio and Beneditto Carpano. While the two main types of Vermouth are sweet red and dry white, they’re both made with white wine – it’s the addition of herbs and caramel flavouring that gives red vermouth its signature colour. We’re proud of our Vermouth collection, with brilliant examples of various styles, including a classic Martini Rosso and a Cocchi Amaro Vermouth. Use it for your negronis, but don’t forget to enjoy an occasional glass neat – it’s a glorious aperitif.

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