Veuve Clicquot

“Time is Luxury” and Verve Clicquot Champagne is famous for its mastery of both of those things. Founded over 240 years ago, Verve Cliquot’s commitment to excellence has seen just 11 Cellar Masters make the grade and take the reins at the historic house, carrying on the towering legacy of Madame Cliquot herself. That’s an average of over 20 years in charge, which goes to show just how strongly Verve Cliquot emphasise stability and standards in the production of their Champagnes. These qualities leap out at you from every glass of their immaculate fizz, too.

After the yearly harvest in Reims, the year's grapes go through an extensive selection process. The resulting wines are then repeatedly tasted by a team of 12 expert Oneologists throughout their development, including a long maturation - twice the industry standard - before careful bottling. The resulting Champagnes are consistently among the best in the world, every time you buy. As if those weren’t enough credentials, Verve Cliquot are committed to eco-sustainability too.

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