The spirit that goes with everything; vodka makes the most versatile tipple for all types of occasions. Crystal clear in appearance, this mysterious spirit goes through a process of fermentation, distillation and filtration to produce its smooth and delectable taste. The beauty of vodka is how simple it is to add ingredients in through the distilling process, which is exactly why the vodka category has been revitalised.

If you fancy staying traditional, there’s a vast selection of classic vodka available from Smirnoff Red to craft producers, all the way through to premium Belvedere, ideal for mixing into your favourite cocktail, enjoying with a refreshing juice or your new accompaniment to soda water, plain vodka never gets old. For something a little more adventurous, give a fruit-flavoured vodka a whirl. From Cîroc’s Peach to Absolut’s juicy Watermelon, these distilled flavours are the perfect accompaniment for cocktails or on the rocks.

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