You don’t need us to remind you how beneficial it is to drink plenty of water. We’re all made of 60% H2O afterall. Our job here at The Bottle club is to keep you stocked up with the good stuff, so let's take a look at the Water opinions available to buy in the online shop.

Different occasions call for different formats, so of course we had to bring you a whole selection of bottle sizes, brands, packaging types, and multipacks - always with a keen eye on value for money and convenient delivery. Just a click away you’ll find multipack options from trusted French mineral water brands Perrier and Evian. You could choose to keep it closer to home with U.K natural spring water brands like Highland Spring or Elm Spring, too. You’ll also find premium options from Norwegian water experts Voss, who deliver ultra-pure natural spring water in stylish glass bottles, as well as flavoured waters for when you feel the need for something a little more enticing.

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