Whisky Liqueur

While whiskey purists may turn their noses up at infused Whiskey Liqueurs, us lot can rest easy, knowing it’s them who are missing out. Recipes and production methods of Whiskey Liqueurs aren’t confined to strict rules, or even guidelines really. The only limiting factor is the creator’s imagination, and as you’ll soon see when you buy from our online shop, Whiskey Liqueur creators are indeed an imaginative bunch.

Almost always sweetened as well as infused with an array of botanicals like citrus fruit, nuts, and spices, Whiskey Liqueurs are far less harsh on the palate than either blended or single malt whiskeys. Of course they also offer whole kaleidoscopes of flavour, which is why they form the basis for timeless cocktails like the Scarlett O’Hara which features Southern Comfort, and the Rusty Nail, which is built around our old favourite, Drambuie. Whiskey Liqueurs are incredibly versatile, so grab a bottle and get creative today.

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