White Rum

No self-respecting bar is complete without a selection of rums, and White or Silver Rums have earned their spot just as properly as some of their darker, older, more ‘serious’ relatives, as you’re about to discover in our online shop.

White Rums all share a pale complexion, but don't let that fool you into thinking they all taste alike. Many White Rums, particularly those from South American nations with Spanish heritage – think Cuba and Venezuela – undergo years of ageing in barrel, before a meticulous charcoal filtration. The barrel imparts flavour; the charcoal removes impurities and mellows out the profile. The resulting White Rums are bright, refined, and smooth with notes of sweet vanilla. Absolutely perfect for all time classic cocktails like Daiquiri and Mojito. Then of course there are Island Rums like Jamaica’s Wray & Nephew. Made in a completely different style; unaged, naturally fermented, and bottled at overproof strength, these White Rums burst with overripe banana aromas and that unmistakable Island ‘funk’. You just can’t fake it!

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