World Whisky

All the evidence points towards whisky having been invented by Scottish Highland farmers who, hundreds of years ago, found a way to distil spirit from their surplus barley. While you won’t find many arguments against this version of events, what you will find today are countless superb whiskys from every corner of the globe. The Bottle Club World Whisky collection is proud to present a selection of our favourites for you to buy online today.

Many nations now feature on the international whisky map, with India taking the mantle as the sleeping giant among them. In fact, the nation of India consumes more whisky per capita than any other nation on earth, and has been producing its own grain whiskey since the late 1800s. This groggy behemoth is slowly awakening though, and is demanding more and more attention. So if you haven’t already, perhaps now is the time to sample Amrut or Paul John. You’ll also find fine examples from Canada, South Africa, Australia and Wales, all just a click away.

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