The Polish are particular about their vodka. When they fall in love with one, the world takes notice. Zubrowka is one such brand, taking the world by storm by belying the myth that vodkas should be flavour-free. The name Zubrowka means ‘from the bison’, and if you’re confused about what that means, you’ve probably never had the privilege of tasting their famous bisongrass-infused vodka. Zubrowka recently expanded their flavour range to include the clear Biala Winter Rye – bisongrass free this time – and a rose-infused Zubrowka Rose Liqueur. All of these are available to buy right here on our website.

The original recipe for Zubrowka is rumoured to have originated in the fourteenth century, while commercial production of the vodka started in 1928. The bisonglass used is sourced from a single forest in Poland, hand-picked and dried under natural conditions, which explains why a kilo of the herb will set you back around four hundred pounds. Of course you should sip something of such high quality with no additions – but if you insist on mixing Zubrowka, do it with cloudy apple juice to preserve its herbal aromas.

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